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Green TKTX Numbing cream is the newest style; also it's the best and strongest numbing cream. 20 minutes super fast deep numbs, and it will last for 6-8 hours tattooing with no pain.  it's Original,100% genuine&Authentic.
In order to ensure better effect, please don't drink Alcohol,Beer and Milk before 24 hours of Tattooing, or you will feel pain when tattooing.

TKTX Tattoo Cream - 10g

Product Description:
TKTX topical anaesthetic cream formulated specially to relieve the pain experienced during tattooing, laser hair removal, body piercing, body waxing, bikini waxing, cosmetic tattooing and permanent make up.
Step-1. Puncture nozzle seal with piercing point of cap. Please re-cap after the use.
Step-2. Use alcohol coffon wool rub the skin hardly, the dead skin will be came off.
Step-3. Get the anesthetic on the skin with a thickness of 2~3mm evenly. Cover the skin with cling film 30~50mins, And it will achieve up to 6~8 hours of painless.
Step-4.Keep the cling film on till removed by the professional when start the procedure.

2018 New Tattoo TKTX Green 40% More Numbing Cream Piercing Makeup Permanent Eyeb

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